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Bassas da India Bassas da India Bassas da India Bassas da India Bassas da India

Bassa da India has been permantly closed to all tourist visitors for conservation and preservation reasons!

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Bassas da India Coral Atoll
Situated roughly halfway between Mozambique and Madagascar, the tiny coral atoll of Bassas da India sits perched on the edges of an underwater volcanic mountain that rises 3000m (6000ft) from the ocean floor of the Mozambique Channel. The outer walls or rim of this seamount provide the base for the narrow fringing reef, which is approx. 100 m wide and encircles a shallow central lagoon approx. 11-km in diameter and only 15 metres at its deepest.

Bassa da India - Scuba Diving Expeditions

This is a destination for the adventurous diver - someone who has dived the world's top spots and is now looking for the ultimate experience. Few people have heard of Bassa da India and even fewer have had the chance to go there as Bassas da India can only be reached by private charter yacht.

Even the most vivid imagination can barely touch the living beauty of the unspoiled Bassa da India atoll. Just like the rest of Africa's dive destinations, Bassa da India is an undiscovered, pristine marine wilderness and must be one of the world's wildest and most beautiful dive sites. This great sunken volcano, encrusted with corals and wrecks of numerous ships, is a haven for marine life and is a once in a lifetime destination for the diver who has a taste for adventure.

We will carry you beyond the reach of holiday crowds to wonders few have seen.
We invite you to sail with us to discover new horizons. As the world slips away from the bow, you will wake each day to a new adventure. We feel confident that your adventure with us will be a truly unique one.
All charters are 10 days and are done on a private basis.

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