Scuba Diving Bassa da India Scuba Diving Bassa da India Scuba Diving Bassa da India Scuba Diving Bassa da India Scuba Diving Bassa da India Scuba Diving Bassa da India

Scuba Diving Bassa da India

We have all heard stories about the fantastic diving at Bassas. These stories are from dive clubs or groups of friends that have chartered a yacht and just go and dive. We however will be the first company to bring you guided live-aboard's on luxury yachts to Bassas da India.  The yachts used are very exclusive and the divers are kept to a maximum of 6 per boat. The charters are normally done 2 yachts together at a time. Diving while moored at the atoll is unlimited and as easy as falling off the back of the boat.

The Marine Rich Waters of Bassas Da India
As the conditions are as near pristine as one can get the fish life around the atoll is prolific and all species are of noteworthy size. Expect the BIG five, big sharks - oceanic white tips, silver tips and grey reef sharks, hammerheads, shoals of large tuna, barracuda, kingfish and many other large reef fish - of all species.
Explore gently sloping reefs passing giant table corals until you reach the edge of the drop off that plunges from 20 metres down into the abyss - watch out for the vertigo! Schools of rainbow runners and kingfish occupy this deep blue along with yellowfin tuna, silver tip shark and hammerhead. 
In the shallower water you can explore coral outcrops spread across a sandy bottom where large schools of parrotfish, fusiliers, anthias and solitary groupers mix with moray eels, wrasse, butterfly fish and angelfish. 
Because of the depths of the wall dives, time is spent snorkelling or fishing in between dives. Swim through huge schools of yellowtop fusiliers and have close encounters with giant kingfish (up to 50kg) and watch parrotfish feeding at low tide along the exposed coral with their fins out of the water.  
The Diving
The depth of the dives will be determined on site. The dive group is usually dropped at 10 meters. Most dives are done between 18 and 40 meters. You do not need to dive deep to experience the awe of Bassas. Diving takes place on the North East side of the island where the reef slopes down very gradually. It is a relatively long swim before you reach the drop off or rather wall. Should the group of divers all be very experienced deep divers then it is their choice as a group whether they are going to dive the wall or not. The drop off is bottomless so the danger factor here is high indeed. We strongly recommends shallow dives only. The dives that you choose to do is entirely your choice and you need to take responsibly for your own safety. You can definitely spend many days diving the shallows of Bassas venturing to some of the many shipwrecks that plague the North East side of the atoll. This wreck graveyard is host to the most incredible ecosystem and marine life waters that you will probable ever experience. 
NB Bassa da India is a protected area!
Nothing, not even a piece of coral is to be removed from the atoll. Any one discovered taking items from the wrecks will not be allowed to dive again as your behaviour may jeopardise the diving of others as well.

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