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Bassa da India - Offshore Fishing Charters - Liveaboard Catamaran Yachts 

Fish this mythical fishing destination from the comfort of a luxury sailing or motorised yacht. Catch gigantic fish that most only dream of from sunrise to sunset! Fishing is provided while under way from Vilanculous to Bassas and around Bassas Da India by trolling lipped lures or while drifting in the vicinity of Bassas da India by means of casting plugs or spoons, vertical jigging, drop shot or fly fishing. Standard rods, reels and lures are provided. You are welcome to take your own game or light fishing  equipment or spinning gear and fly-fishing equipment. The best time to fish this area is May through to July. 

Our charter yachts provide the only way to fish Bassas Da India, as there is no dry land other than the atoll that protrudes at low tide. There are no islands nearby that can be used as overnight stopovers so visitors have to stay at Bassas Da India and the only way is on a vessel equipped to spend up to 2 weeks at sea. Catamaran Yachts provide a special type of fishing platform, are large, stable and have all the comforts of a lodge. Most yachts provide fishing tackle but the amount and type will vary from one yacht to another. Anglers are welcome to take their own gear. 
Fishing methods that work well at Bassas are:

Trawling – most of the well know gamefish we know can be caught on this method. For the initial part of the catch the angler is not really involved. Once the fish is hooked the angler is very involved and can be assisted by the boat / yacht. This gets tricky when more than one big fish is being fought at the same time.
Casting plugs and spoons – A wide variety of gamefish species can be caught with this method. The angler is involved throughout the catch and generally feels more rewarding. The fish is more often than not seen taking the plug or spoon in a very aggressive sometimes aerial attack. This type of fishing can be provided by heading up-wind or up-current away from the atoll and utilized while drifting back to the atoll. This method can also be used by fishing off the atoll at low tide.
Drop shot – A wide variety of gamefish and reef fish can be caught on this method. The angler is involved throughout the catch although in most cases does not see the take but sure gets to feel it. Again this can be done on the drift.
Fly fishing – A wide variety of gamefish can be caught on this method. There are two ways to use this method while drifting.
1.) By casting the flyline out blindly or directly at a fish that can be seen. Aggressive takes are often enjoyed. This method can also be used by fishing off the atoll at low tide.
2.) By using a very fast sinking line and stripping off 30 to 40 meters and waiting for the line to sink before using a double haul to retrieve the fly as fast as possible. Very productive but the take is almost never seen unless it is right at the surface. This method is used when drifting in deep water.
Bait casting – A little less productive and the variety of fish is not as great as with other methods. But at Bassas the fish are big and hungry and you will catch fish with this method.
Live bait – Very productive and a lot of really big fish are caught on this method. Ideal at the point on the charter where only the diehards are left and when reels are still screaming and no one can be found.
Some of the well known fish caught at Bassa da India:
Giant Yellowfin Tuna / Giant Dogtooth Tuna / Massive GT's / A wide variety of King and Queen fish / Wahoo  / Barracuda / Shark – several different species / Reef fish by the dozen 
The record number of fish caught in a day was 22 different species and a total of 116 fish – caught by 6 anglers – all released bar one that was kept for dinner. 

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